I Help Sales Teams Perform.

If you're reading this now, you'd probably like your team to sell more of what you offer in less time.

And I'm sure they'd like that too.

But there's a problem. Deep down, most sales people are scared to even pick up the phone. While it's possible to ignore the fear of rejection temporarily and "just do it", this approach eventually leads to poor performance and burnout.

That's where I come in. I have the ability to transform sales into something that is engaging, effective, and fun. I'll give your team a series of actionable steps that they can use to get more leads, make more sales, and stay motivated day after day.

What makes me different:

There are plenty of sales trainers out there who can teach your team new tools and tactics. There are others who will talk about the importance of positive thinking and perseverance until the cows come home.

I like to go deeper, inspiring your team to rethink their relationship to sales by understanding the unique value that their company can bring to each prospect. In doing this, I show them how to recognize opportunities that others miss and turn those into a new customer or client.

While each of my trainings has a specific framework, I like to shape my message around the audience and organization I'm speaking to. That's why I always send out a survey prior to the engagement and use the results to create a customized game plan for your sales team.


Featured Talk and Training:

If You Don't Like Selling, You're Doing It Wrong.

One of the biggest challenges for salespeople today is understanding their role in a world where most people would rather not interact with them at all. As consumers are given more and more access to information, sales has become a necessary evil for most businesses. But what if we adopted a different view of it?

What if sales was less about persuasion and more about empowerment?

What if sales was the best way to understand what people really wanted?

What if sales was the #1 opportunity to delight our clients and customers?

And finally: what if your customers and clients considered it a privilege to be sold to?

When your team learns to love selling, they'll end up doing a lot more of it. They'll do it better. And when that happens, the results will speak for themselves.

In this training, your salespeople will discover:

  • How to turn objections into opportunities to create fiercely loyal customers 
  • A proven sales system that members of your team can easily adapt to their own strengths and use to win more business
  • How to reframe their view of selling so that they show up each day excited and ready to close more sales
  • How to stop "creatively avoiding" and start focusing on the high-leverage activities that actually generate revenue
  • The 3 biggest killers of motivation and how to overcome each of them

How it works:

Step 1: You reach out to me via email and we schedule a 20-30 minute call together.

Step 2: I call you at the time you reserved and we chat. My goal is to understand your vision for the training and figure out how I can support you. If it's a fit, we'll discuss my speaking fees. And if it's not the best fit, I'll help you find a speaker who is.

Step 3: 1-2 months ahead of your event, a portion of your attendees will take a short survey. Their responses are used to make our time together as impactful as possible.

Step 4: 1 month ahead of the event, I'll send you an outline with projected learning outcomes. If there are additional components that you'd like to include, we will add them during this stage.

Step 5: 1 week before the event, we'll touch base on the phone to go over any important details or new information. We'll also review our action plan for the day of your event.

Step 6: The event goes off without a hitch and your team loves it!

Step 7: 3-10 days after the event we schedule a debriefing call to make sure that you and your audience were 100% satisfied with how everything went.

Interested in learning more?